[Bug] Anki MacOS and iOS not providing new cards for review

I just noticed in one of my decks Anki on both MacOS and iOS were not providing new cards for review. There were “0” new cards listed in the bottom menu bar but when I selected “browse” I saw 15 cards with ‘new’ under the due column. I suspended the cards and then unsuspended them which then triggered the cards to display as new cards in my review. I haven’t noticed this happening with cards in any other decks. Also, this only seems to have happened with one side (side B) of the card.

I have max new cards per day set to 1000 so I don’t think that could cause this issue.

It sounds like the cards were buried.

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Thanks for the reply. I may have buried those cards in the past (don’t remember) but I thought buried cards reappeared the next time the user opens Anki?

Cards are buried automatically when you review siblings and unburied the next day. It’s described in more detail under the link above.


Ah, that helps. I’ll keep an eye on it with this in mind and see how it works. Thanks!

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So I have cards I created two days ago that have not yet come up for review even though I reviewed the siblings when I created them (two days ago). The cards are still listed as “new” under the Due column when I browse the deck. The only way I can get the cards to appear is to suspend/unsuspend them, or to click the “Ubury” button.

Any ideas why the cards are staying buried longer than one day and after I already started learning the siblings?

Edit: I found these threads, which captures the issue:

If you introduce card 1 on day 1, it will bury card 2. The next day if you review card 1 again because it’s ready for another review, it will bury card 2 again.


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