Multiple-Day Buried Siblings of New Cards Stuck on Infinite Bury

Primarily, I’ve observed behavior on Anki Versions 2.1.28-2.1.33 where new cards that have been buried (often for more than a single day) never become scheduled to learn as “new” on the first day they are available.


I have a parent deck (with 5 subdecks) that I use for “Learning”. Unlike other decks, the parameters on this deck are highly configured to force reviews in high frequency. New card steps are defined as follows:

1 5 10 20 30 45 60 90 120 180

Where the easy interval is 1 day, and graduating interval is 1 day. This entire parent deck and subdecks are all on the same learning group, which has a maximum interval of 2 days. The checkbox for “bury new cards until the next day” is selected. I add notes into this deck that generate 2 cards each. As such, when I review the first card, its siblings are all delayed to the next day. Additionally, for reviews, I also have related reviews buried till the next day, so this combination results in the sibling cards often being buried for 2-3 days until the first card has reached its deck-enforced 2 day [max] interval.

However, very often, the siblings do not become unburied on the first day they become unavailable, and are instead marked buried somehow:

Date of this picture: 2020-09-02
As seen in the picture, I created this note on August 30th, 2020. The first (top) card entered a 2-day interval on its last review on September 1st, making it due on September 3rd. Today is September 2nd, meaning the sibling card should have become available today to learn, but instead it has somehow been marked as buried despite no reviews having occurred today.

Welcome to the forum! I’m fairly new here myself, so I’ll answer by way of starting the conversation until others get here. I’m probably missing something, but just in case I’m not:

From your screenshot, I can’t tell that the second card is buried. Instead, it looks like it is just in the new card queue. Is it possible that you have a maximum number of new cards per day enforced for that deck? This option would be found in the deck options, new card section. If a parent deck has different options, and you were studying out of the parent deck, those would be the settings in force at the time of study.

My apologies - the screenshot didn’t show it, but I checked and the card was indeed buried (unless I’m missing something).

I originally thought that was the case too (that the parent deck settings were overriding all child decks), but the max new card limit (set to 100 cards) was higher than all of the children decks’ new cards combined (which was about 70 at the time).

The computer end should have been fixed in 2.1.33, but I don’t think the fix has made it into AnkiDroid stable yet.