Bury related new cards until the next day not working

I was creating a new deck of flashcards and after finishing, I noticed none of my sibling cards were buried, despite having turned on both ‘bury related new cards until the next day’ and ‘bury related reviews until the next day’.

I tried checking the browser for is:buried but nothing showed up. I tried restarting anki, didn’t work either. I tried updating to the latest version and still didn’t work. I tried disabling my add-ons and that didn’t work too. I tried turning both features off and on again, but that, unsurprisingly, also did not work.

I have the 2.1 scheduler turned on. I don’t know if turning it off will fix anything though

Now running anki version 2.1.38 on Pop! OS 20.10

I think you need to study the cards today for their siblings to be marked as buried until the next day.


Unfortunately, it is not explained in the Manual.
Here is Damien’s answer:
Separating the review of front and back sides of new cards - #2 by dae :
when you review one card of a note, the other cards, if new, should be buried until the next day.”

PS. Next time, I suggest starting with the most important and reliable resource – the Manual.

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