Separating the review of front and back sides of new cards

Hi all,

I want to separate the reviews of a new card, so that it gives me the front and the back on different days.

As you can see from the screenshot, ‘bury related cards until the next day’ is checked, but every day, the 2 new cards that Anki gives me are always the front and back of the same card. I want it to give me the front of one, and the back of another.

Screenshot 2020-11-14 at 12.13.10|570x367

I’m concerned with new cards here – older cards work fine. I’m sure in an older iteration of Anki this used to happen but something seems to have altered (possibly inadvertantly by me).

I tried messing around with ‘reposition’ in the main browser, but any action on a new card seems to apply to both front and back. I also wonder/hope there’s a more intuitive way than having to go through and alter manually.

I’ve searched the forum but I couldn’t find anything related to this – apologies if there’s something lurking somewhere.

My thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

The behaviour you describe sounds like how Anki should be behaving with burying enabled - when you review one card of a note, the other cards, if new, should be buried until the next day.

Thanks for the reply.

I restored default settings and then rechecked the box and it seems to have sorted it. Very wierd, but pleased it seems to be resolved.

I spoke too soon.

I expanded the number of new reviews to 4 per day and the same issue is continuing: it’s giving me 2x front and back, when I want 4 different notes.

I’ve tried restoring defaults multiple times but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions of further troubleshooting would be gratefully received.

There’s a separate option for burying review cards in the Reviews tab. I think its disabled by default, so you have to enable it after restoring to default.

Note that the default learning steps show new cards twice in one day, which causes some people to think their cards have been duplicated.

Hi Damien, thanks for the reply. Yes, i’m aware that a new card comes up twice on the first day – the issue is that it’s doing front and back (so 4 reviews on first day).

I’m using card templates from fluent forever. I wonder if there’s something in their design that is preventing the randomisation, but i’m not that skilled at the coding side of Anki and couldn’t work it out.

Assuming you have burying enabled for both new and review cards, perhaps the cards that aren’t being buried are learning cards?

No, they’re definitely new cards. This is a real mystery.

The settings may vary by deck - have you confirmed they apply to all deck(s) you’re concerned with? You should be able to confirm this is functioning as intended - at the start of a session, clicking on a deck you should see no “unbury” button. Answer one card with a due/new sibling and then return to the deck list, and you should see an unbury button has appeared once you click on the deck again.

I’ve now solved it: I had changed the settings for the main deck but failed to realise that there was a sub-deck within it, and that the main deck settings didn’t affect the sub-decks. Checked the ‘bury related cards’ box in the sub-deck and it’s now working fine.

Thanks for your troubleshooting help.