Option to bury sibling review cards without burying sibling new cards (on AnkiMobile)

Not sure whether this should go here or in the AnkiMobile subforum.

I’m using 2.1.56 on my desktop, and I guess AnkiMobile got updated to 2.0.89.

I have my options set to bury sibling review cards but not bury sibling new cards. (I can go either way on learning cards.) With one of the recent updates on AnkiMobile, the three radio toggles for burying cards have been replaced by a single drop-down menu, with the options being “Do not bury siblings”, “Bury if new”, “Bury if new or review”, and “Bury if new, review, or interday learning”. I no longer have the option to bury sibling review cards without burying sibling new cards - I have to bury both or only sibling new cards or neither.

I’d like that option back on mobile, and really hope it’s not going away on desktop.

(It still works on desktop the way I like it, but I do a significant number of reviews on mobile, which is frustrating. I just upgraded to 2.1.57 on desktop to check, and it seems like this change is mobile-specific?)


I’m afraid the next desktop update will have the same behaviour, as the previous approach would sometimes cause errors during review. To be able to bury cards up front, we need to bury them in the order that cards are gathered, which the new selection enforces.

Thank you. That’s unfortunate, but it makes sense.

Two questions:

  1. I’m guessing this is asking for too much, and I might be misunderstanding what you mean by “bury them in the order that cards are gathered”, but would it be possible to make it so that there is an option to bury review cards only when a sibling review card is reviewed, not when a sibling new card is reviewed - and then only choose to bury sibling review cards with that limitation?
    (I hope that I explained that in a way that made sense. If the answer is “yes”, that’s great! If the answer is “sure, but we don’t have the development resources for this” - maybe I can contribute - but it might take me a while to get up to speed, since I’ve used Python only for small scripts, I don’t know Rust or any of the other non-Python languages listed on Github, and I have not contributed to open-source projects before. If the answer is “no”, I understand.)

  2. Assuming that the answer to 1 is “no”, I’m going to go with “Do not bury siblings”, because learning new cards in the context/order I made them is more important to me than making sure other related cards aren’t reviewed on the same day. What “Review sort order” should I select so that review siblings are likely to show up far away from each other, while prioritizing overdue cards? I currently use “Due date, then random”; is there a better option if I’m not burying any siblings?

That should be possible. The only disadvantage to the current implementation I can see is that it’s more complex. In addtion to which siblings get buried, it would introduce the new dimension of by which other siblings they get buried.


Because any workaround to support this case is going to add complexity to the code, I’d prefer to wait a while and see how much demand there is for this use case before deciding on further steps.


I’ve encountered the exact issue described here after upgrading Anki. I noticed this thread when I was about to start my own. : )

I appreciate the reasoning behind burying both new and review siblings, which prevents complicating the logic. I just want to mention that imo there are still use cases where burying only review siblings could be helpful.

For instance, when learning a language, one can create an Anki note for every unfamiliar word or phrase, along with sample sentences as siblings. In such cases,

  • When learning new cards, it might be beneficial to display all siblings. This approach 1) gives the user a comprehensive understanding of the new material, and 2) avoids stretching out the learning process (for each new word) over multiple days.
  • When reviewing cards, it makes sense to bury the siblings to conceal similar sentences, which would help the user stay productive.

It would be fantastic if we could revisit this and restore the options. Thanks!

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I’m a Anki user of three years and I registered an account specifically to +1 this request after I saw someone else complaining on Reddit. :slight_smile:

This change completely destroyed my workflow and while I believe developers should do what’s better for the community and not what’s better for a single or few people, I wanted to provide some visibility in how this issue affects me and potentially other people.

In my decks, I have many sibling cards, generally four. Ex: One card for vocab EN to JA and JA to EN and one sentence with that vocab again EN to JA and vice versa. All my cards except for the ones I’m studying are suspended. Every day, I pick eight cards to unsuspend and those are the new cards for the day.

When I’m studying a new word, I want to be presented with sibling cards because I need all the context I can get to familiarise myself with a word and its usage. When I’m reviewing, however, this same behaviour is counterproductive since I will always answer subsequent sibling cards correctly after I reviewed the first sibling.

As said, I just wanted to share this context. I appreciate the work you’re doing developing and maintaining Anki, and I can’t underestimate the positive impact it had on my life. Thank you!

Question to those who miss burying review cards without buring review cards: Would the solution @nymvaline suggested suffice for your wokflows? That is, bringing back the old config options, but new cards could not be buried by review cards anymore.
In practice that would mean, if you disable new card burying and enable review card burying, new siblings and up to 1 review sibling might show up on the same day.

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Yes, the solution proposed would fix the problem.

That would work for me. Thank you!

Hi, I also created an account here just for this topic. I have AnkiMobile (iOS) and also use the desktop version. I would very much like to be able to delay learning/review/interday cards without burying new cards. Thank you.

+1 to creating an account just to post about this issue and how it breaks my workflow.

For language learning, I need to see all cards for new notes or I have no chance of remembering the new information. Meanwhile for learned notes, I don’t want to see duplicates since that would kinda ruin the point of SRS for the second card, based on seeing the first card minutes earlier.

The proposed solution would work for me. When can we expect the functionality regression to be resolved in terms of timeline? I wish I could downgrade the version of my iOS app in the meantime, but that’s not really how the app store works… so I don’t really see a choice but to sit around and wait for the update. :\

You can track this issue on Revisit independent review card burying · Issue #2397 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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