Am I understanding "burying" wrong?

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There’s a lot of terminology flying around in anki that maybe makes things harder to understand sometimes.

I have “bury review siblings” enabled, and I’m pretty sure in the past (probably long time ago) this worked in a way that I would not see two notes of the same review card on a single day.
Today this doesn’t work like that and I’m seeing same notes when the card is in review.

I suspect this is what might be causing it?

  • Siblings later in the list can not bury earlier card types. For example, if you disable burying of new cards, and study a new card, it will not bury any interday learning or review cards, and you may see both a review sibling and new sibling in the same session.

But I’m not entirely sure. I do not have any other bury options enabled.
I don’t really understand what is “interday learning” (is it cards that are in “learning” state?), so have not enabled that option for burying since I only want to bury “review” cards.
And I don’t want to bury new cards that I haven’t learned yet either.

What am I missing here and how can I make review cards not show up on the same day?


Interday learning cards are cards that are not learnt in a single day. So it is about the learning steps you have. As far as I know this should not apply to cards with say 1m 10m steps but you are learning them over a few days i.e, you didn’t graduate them the first day.

Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation.
So these are my intervals

I guess that means I need to actually enable “interday burying”, which is why it’s not working for me as expected ? :thinking: (or rather as I’m expecting it :smiley: )

No, wait. “Interday learning”, that’s cards with “Learning” status, not “Review”, right?
I don’t want to bury those. I only want to bury cards that have graduated to “review” status.

Then I still don’t get why it doesn’t work, since I have “bury review siblings” enabled.

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When Anki gathers cards, it first gathers intraday learning cards, then interday learning cards, then reviews, and finally new cards. Deck Options - Anki Manual

The bury settings cascade in that same order. So “bury interday learning siblings” will bury reviews and new cards (because they are gathered after) that are siblings of interday learning cards.

No actually I may have described intraday cards and not interday. Not sure.

Intraday = within a day (less than 1 day)
Interday = between days (more than 1 day or long enough to cross the day boundary)

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Yeah, I think I say this somewhere.
Say I don’t have “new” cards today, I only have “review” and “learning” cards.
Is it possible to only enable sibling burying for review ones?

burying interday learning cards also ends up burying review cards?

Edit: Oh okay I understand now. So If a card is “interday learning card” it’s sibling cards get buried regardless of whether the sibling is also an interday card or not. So if it was supposed to be in the new card queue next day it wouldn’t be there.

As far as I know if you just enable the required burying options you can do that.

Oh no you probably can not. From what I understand of Danika’s reply, if you have a learning card A and the sibling card B is a review card, enabling sibling burying for interday learning would mean B gets buried.

Edit: I’m reading your post once again and noticed you may have some confusion with the terminologies. You can’t bury notes. You bury cards. So you should say “two cards of the same note”. Read what we said once again because I realized you were calling notes cards this whole time if I’m not wrong.

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To clarify, “bury interday siblings” will only bury interday siblings. It doesn’t matter what type of card you review - if it has a sibling that is an interday one, the sibling will get buried.

Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, I see I was calling cards - notes and notes - cards, should be the other way around :smiley:

To summarize:

  • I have a note with 4 cards, and all 4 cards are in “review”.
  • What I want is to only see 1 card of the same note, and bury the rest until next day.

I’m pretty sure this worked before, but probably not for awhile (likely changed with the current scheduler)

Dunno if it’s possible anymore to achieve the above behavior and bury review cards of the same note. Probably not?

Yes, of course. “Bury review siblings” will do that.

Perhaps it’s easier to approach it from the other end – when do you want to see multiple siblings in the same day? And then we can see if that’s possible with the settings?

“After I study a ____ card [which category of card?], I still want to see its sibling ____ cards that are due today.”

Well now, I thought I knew what you meant, but that sentence was confusing! :sweat_smile:

The imprecision of English fails us here. “Bury interday siblings” can mean either –

  1. Bury the siblings of an interday learning card you are studying
  2. Bury the cards that are in interday learning, and are siblings of another card you are studying

From what you said there, it sounds like #2 is correct?

But that’s the thing - I have it enabled already.


And I thought it’s supposed to do exactly that - bury the review siblings, which it doesn’t apparently.
Hence why I came here asking for help :slight_smile:

I want to see siblings on the same day for new and learning cards, which works as expected with the above settings.

I’d like not to see review siblings though. By the time a card of mine gets to review, I assume I’ve learned it well enough to not see siblings anymore.
For the ‘new’ and ‘learning’ cards, siblings actually help me learn it better I think. I actually never press “again” until the card graduates into “review”, even if I get it wrong, due to the above intervals I have.
So the intervals for me ensure that I learn the cards well before they graduate into “review” status.

Is it possible that you have this set on a different options group than the one you are studying with? Is this set for the (sub-)deck the card is in, or the deck you are clicking on to study (if that’s different)?

Is it possible that you have near-duplicate cards that are not actually siblings?

  1. I’ve applied the settings to all sub-decks from the top deck, and then double-checked that sub-decks have the same settings. So I’m sure all decks have the same settings, including for burying options. I just double checked that to be sure and they’re the same.

  2. No, they’re actually siblings of the same note. I’m sure I don’t have duplicates in this particular deck, but I also checked that these are actually siblings.
    Here’s an example of one such case:

You can see they have the same note id, and review happened on the same day.

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That does look strange. If you can reproduce it again, please undo the review that should have buried the other sibling, sync with AnkiWeb, and let me know the card I should look at to reproduce the problem. Please avoid syncing again until I’ve had a chance to grab your collection.


Will do. Thanks
I’m pretty sure it’s reproducible all the time, or at least I know I’ve noticed it more than once. But I’ll double-check.
I’ll also try to reproduce w/o addons first , just to make sure it’s not something external that’s causing this.

I haven’t used AnkiWeb yet to sync things. Is it OK to send you the collection as a file instead?

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Yes, you can send me a link to somewhere like Google Drive with an “anyone can view” link instead.