Buried/related cards showing up on same day

In the settings I have selected both:

  • Bury related new cards until the next day
  • Bury related reviews until the next day
    but multiple cards of the same note showed up in my studying today.
    I’ve never had this happen before. In my browser, is:buried shows some cards of some notes buried, but some cards of those same notes came up in my studying today.

Attaching a picture of my browser to show the cards I studied today, sorted by sorting field, shows multiple cards studied

Also a screenshot of my settings for that deck

I’m not sure if this is a bug.

Burying does not apply to cards in the learning queue.

Thank you!

I’ve studied new cards yesterday and today is the last learning step before they graduate. But with “bury review siblings” enabled on Linux, “Learning” shows 12 +9 (meaning only 12 to review) and on Android it shows 21 (and I have to go through all the siblings that were buried). Everything is synced, of course.
I’m sorry, I’m very new to this, maybe I don’t understand something, but if Anki gives only 12 cards to review, then Ankidroid must do the same.
P.S. I didn’t create a new topic, because I think mine is almost the same as this one.

You’ll notice that 12+9=21. AnkiDroid and Anki Desktop simply do not count cards to be reviewed the same way, but in the end you review the same cards.

No, in the end I review the same notes, but the number of cards is exactly as I described (in Ankidroid - including buried cards, and in Anki - without them). It’s really frustrating as I can’t find anyone who can relate to my problem.
P.S. I will check later if it’s the case with graduated cards.


Ohhhh, that’s what it is… Thank you very much. But is there any explanation why Android is the only platform (out of 4) that doesn’t support v3 scheduler till this day, and will it ever support it? (Maybe community or individuals can help with that?)

Yes. AnkiDroid is not quite an official part of the Anki ecosystem, in the sense that it is not developed by the same people who develop Anki Desktop, Anki Mobile and Anki Web.

Probably, at least there’s no reason to believe they will never support it.