Numbers of new card changed when reopening the app

Today during studying I had 11 new cards left in the queue but when I closed the app and opened it again I got 9 new cards. 2 cards less. How it is possible?

Maybe you had cloze cards that got buried?
if you had clozes that have gotten buried, you should have a Unbury button in deck overview.
you can also check the card browser to see if you have buried cards.

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The question is when does this happen? Let’s assume I have 2 siblings cards. When does one of these cards is buried? When I answer the first card then the second card is buried and number of available new cards is decreased? Or does it happen before I start to study?

Sibling cards are buried when you rate a card of the same note i.e. hit hard, good or easy buttons.

Depending on how many new cards you have. If you have plenty of new cards, lets say 240, and your settings are 10 new cards a day you won’t even notice it. The count would drop to 239 but you will still see 10 since it is the daily cap in your settings. If you only have 10 new cards, the same count in the settings, the indeed you will see a count drop in the blue number.

In my case it is the first scenario. I have more new cards than my daily limit is.

The strange thing is that this number changed when I closed the deck and open it again. Not during studying.

By closing a deck you mean collapsing the deck?

There is another posisible scenario if you have several decks shareing the same deck group settings. Let’s say you have 10 new cards left in the current deck, then you review another deck that shares the group settings, in that deck you review 2 new cards and go back to the first deck, then the count should have dropee by 2.

this is not strange, the number of cards doesn’t get updated until the review screen gets closed. (you finish reviewing cards or you manually exit the review screen)

also read:

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I think in desktop by default the refresh rate is set at 5 minutes? Do you know if that is the same for AnkiMobile?

i have not used AnkiMobile, but based on what he said

and as the same thing happens on anki desktop, i think the 5 minutes refresh interval should happen on AnkiMobile too.

Edit: just tested it on AnkiDroid, card number doesn’t change as the siblings get buried. so i think it’s safe to assume that this happens on AnkiMobile too.

I manually exited the review screen.

It turned out to be the answer. As simple as that.
I just didn’t grasp how exactly burying works.