Some cards disappeared

Hi! i’m using the anking deck and some cards have multiple cloze on them. I noticed that for cards with multiple cloze, i only see the last cloze and can’t find the others. I have tried to make new cards with the same content and still, only 1 card is added with the last cloze. Attached is the screenshot of what i’m talking about. the selected note has 5 cloze but only the 5th one appears. I checked my settings and the “bury related cards” isn’t checked.

To find other Clozes,

  1. right click on current one and click Toggle Mark, the tag “marked” will be assigned to all Cloze cards from same note.
  2. Close Browser and reopen it, find Tags → “marked” and click it.

BTW, “bury related new cards” doesn’t mean don’t show related new cards in browser. It means don’t show related new cards when you learn new cards.

hi! thank you. did as you suggested but still, just 1 cloze appearing instead of all 5. yes, i got the “bury related cards” were for the review. i initially thought it was only when i was reviewing but eventually figured out it was from the deck itself.

Have you tried Tools->empty cards and Tools->check database?

hi! yes I have. still no change. they weren’t in the empty cards section. I really appreciate this. Thank you for trying to help me out.

Seems you have a lot of levels of decks.
How do you open the browser? Under which level? Maybe you put Clozes in different levels?

these are pre-made cards that i downloaded. they were working fine last week actually. i would see all the cards with the different cloze. it has over 40k cards. i suspended all and currently unsuspending topics as i go through. so when i review, i just click on the AnKing deck and those that appear are just the unsuspended ones.

Can you create a new deck and copy paste the content of Cloze note and create a new one, see whether it create 5 Cloze cards?

added it to a separate deck. the UWORLD review deck. still the same. okay this might be a setting on this user.

Can you copy the content of this Cloze here? I can try it in my Anki

The symptoms of {{c5::carcinoid}} syndrome may be remembered with the mnemonic " Be FDR":

Be: {{c1::bronchospasm}}
F: {{c2::flushing}}
D: {{c3::diarrhea}}
R: {{c4::right-sided heart disease}}

What’s “still the same” mean? I can create 5 cards.

Still just cloze 5 only. I tried it with a different user also. There must be something in the settings then. Even making new cards just gives me 1 cloze instead of multiple.

Can you post a screenshot of your Cloze front template?

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it looks like this. if you look at the top part where all the cards are, you’ll only see cloze 5, no cloze 1-4. the text below is the front template.

  1. Right click on your card, choose ‘info’
  2. Copy the long number after Note ID
  3. In your browser, replace the long number with yours, deck:* means all decks


“deck:*” AND “nid:1615952223658”

and press Enter

Then tell me how many cards are there?

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another i noticed
when i browse, i see 34,000 cards. vs when i click the deck to review, it says 42,000

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 12.48.46 PM

Did you upgrade to latest version 2.1.42?

Anki parser ignored other Clozes(c1~c4).

First picture is


Second picture includes all decks