Cloze deletion cards not showing up

recently I started using a pre-made deck (AnKing), with its proprietary note type. I noticed that some notes have multiple cloze deletions, but for most of them (not all, but at least a half), only 1 card per note shows up. That is, I only see the ‘c1’ cloze as a card. I don’t have the ‘bury related cards’ option checked.

The most curious thing is, the cards don’t even show up in the browser. It’s really a ‘1-card-per-note’ situation. I tried exporting the deck (both with and without scheduling information) and opening it in a separate profile, and all the cards showed up in the browser there. I cross-checked my settings and preferences and everything seems to be the same on both profiles. I deleted the deck from my main profile, used the export that worked on the other one… and it didn’t work. I would like to add the missing cards, without losing my progress, ideally on the main profile. What could be the issue?

The Check Database option in AnkiMobile (or in the computer version if you upgrade) should add any cards that are missing.

It didn’t here. At least not for all the notes…

Please point me to a note in your collection that is missing cards, and I’ll check your AnkiWeb collection.

For example, I only see the c8 sibling card of this note.

Note ID 1487815322484

The characteristics of SLE may be remembered with the mnemonic “RASH OR PAIN”:

R: {{c1::Rash (malar or discoid)}}
A: {{c2::Arthritis (usually involving > 2 joints)}}
S: {{c3::Serositis (pleuritis and pericarditis)}}
H: {{c4::Hematologic disorders (e.g. cytopenias)}}

O: {{c5::Oral or nasopharyngeal ulcers (usually painless)}}
R: {{c6::Renal disease}}

P: {{c7::Photosensitivity}}
A: Antinuclear antibodies
I: Immunologic disorder (anti-dsDNA, anti-Sm, antiphospholipid)
N: {{c8::Neurologic disorder (seizures, psychosis)::+2 examples}}

The other cards are suspended - if you select them and unsuspend them, they should show up during study.

Well, if I search for the note ID in the browser (after checking database), this is what I see:

Please check your add-ons.

YES! Thank you. It was indeed some bugged interaction between AdvancedBrowser and BetterSearch, disappeared after reinstallling and checking the settings of AdvancedBrowser. I see all the cards now.