Only one cloze card available in browser

I downloaded the current Step1v9 and Step2v4 deck and compared cards with my friend who updated her v8 and v3 deck to v9 and v4. She has more cards in each tagged category. We compared the cards in each tagged deck and realized that cards with multple clozes aren’t showing up on my deck, even after searching in browse. We also compared add-ons and tried deleting some that we thought might be the culprit.

For example: This card “{c1::Hypoxemia} is defined as a decrease in {c2::Pao2}” only shows one cloze card available in the browse when searching in deck:AnKing. It seems like the second cloze card doesn’t exist.

Please advise! Thank you.

Maybe it’s the same issue.

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One other possibility is having the C/N selector at the top set to notes mode.