Anki creates other cloze cards and buries them

Ok so I started using Anki and I like to make cloze cards but with multiple {{c1:}} like that :

Yesterday when i got this card it was all fine but today i tried to learn this deck again and i discovered Anki made 5 cards with 5 cloze but i just set one cloze ??? I cant even delete the Cloze 2 to 5 because it also deletes the Cloze 1 :

Can you please help me ? I just want one card with 5 cloze that shows at the same time, thank you !

I suspect that you created five different cloze deletions ( {{c1::}}, {{c2::}}, {{c3::}}, {{c4::}}, {{c5::}}) after having already added the note, and then manually changed them all to {{c1::}}?

  • To fix the current issue, try going to Tools > Empty Cards

  • To prevent this from further occurring, the next time you want to have 2+ cloze deletions with the same cloze number, you may use this button or its shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C)


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