Editing Deck- Cloze to create but not showing

I created my on deck i hit cloze and my card is showing this error message is there a way for me to take off cloze since I cant figure out how to use it or do I need to delete the deck and start over.

Did you actually clozify any of the text within the card? You do this by highlighting it in the editor and pressing the cloze button.

No i wss using the web app and it did not have a close button.

You can add clozes without the button: just wrap the cloze-deleted text with {{cX::...}}, where X is the number of the deletion, and ... would be the text you are cloze-deleting. For instance, the following:

{{c1::Some}} text {{c1::sometimes}} {{c2::disappears}}

would create two cards. The first one would show [...] text [...] disappears, and the second one would show Some text sometimes [...] disappears. If you don’t have any of these cloze deletions, Anki can’t generate any card for it.


Besides, that’s not exactly what your error message pointed out: what happens is that, sometimes, you modify a note by removing completely a cloze-deletion number (for instance, in the above example, I could have transformed all the {{c1::..}} in {{c2::..}}, and Anki doesn’t get rid of the already existing card that is supposed to hide just the {{c1::...}} parts right away. This means that, when you see one of these cards, you will get the message that you just had, that is: “this card was created because you had something like {c1::...}}, but now there aren’t any more so I have nothing to display to you (the front side would be the same as the back side)”. This is probably because you can avoid loosing all your review history just because you misspelled a number. However, if you are positive you want to delete these cards, as the message suggests, you can use the Empty Cards tool.