Cloze cards are showing error message when trying to study

I created cards using the cloze template all my hidden text followed the {{c#::text}}, anki allowed me to create the cards with no error signs. When I went back today to study the cards I receive an error message " No cloze ⁨2⁩ found on card. Please either add a cloze deletion, or use the Empty Cards tool.
[More information]." This is occurring on the MacOs app as well as the Apple application. I have tried silencing add-ons, restarting the applications, as well redownloading the application on my iPad.

Did you try the empty cards tool as well?

So I could empty card tool and delete them but looking at the cards tagged by the empty cards tool there are also cards from months ago that I have already studied that are now being flagged as empty

If you click the links shown in the empty cards dialog, you’ll likely see that the cards that are proposed for deletion have not been studied. It was probably caused by adding cloze deletions with different numbers, then editing them later to change them to the same number.

So what is the solution?

Using the empty cards tool. That shouldn’t delete any note, just cards made from them that doesn’t exist anymore.

Make sure you make a manual backup of your data beforehand, just in case.


Thanks for sharing this link. It has helped me in learning some key concepts of cards, decks, notes, fields, and much more.

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