Please help immediately! - problems with close deletions

I need help with cloze deletions immediately!

I have a test coming in a few days this issue is putting me back a few days. The cloze deletions icon and the shortcut aren’t working. The card type info for both the front and back is correct as it shows {{cloze:text}}. But I’m not able to make any cards, I’ve tried several different versions on Anki and moved Anki to the trash and reinstalled several versions and it still isn’t working. I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to do.

What do you mean exactly with “close deleting are not working” and “I’m not able to make any cards”?

What are the exact steps you’ve done and the exact problem you’re experiencing? Could you provide more details?

Did it work before?


It looks like you got the add-on Cloze Overlapper installed. Go to ToolsAdd-ons, select that add-on and hit Toggle Enabled, then restart Anki and see if that fixes your problem.

If it doesn’t, hold Shift while starting Anki to temporarily disable all add-ons. If it works then, you can disable/restart each add-on one by one to find the cause of the issue.


Both the shortcut and the icon simply write {{cn::}}, where n is a number, so you can simply write it on your own. Each cell created like this will be deleted in one card, the number specify on which card (ie. if two cells have the same number, they will be hidden in the same card). The content that you want to be hidden has to be filled after the two colons:

This is a {{c1::cloze deletion}} note that will produce {{c2::two}} cards