Cloze Deletion Shortcut Stopped Working


The cloze deletion keyboard shortcut stopped working for me after an update this morning. I tried opening anki while holding “shift” to test the function without any addons loaded, yet it remained broken.

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I just came here to ask the same exact thing (or at least I think it’s the same thing).

To add some more detail, before I could, on cloze deletion cards, use ctrl-L to open the preview, and there just press enter to see the back of the card.

Now after the update, whereas ctrl-L still works to open the preview, I cannot just press enter to see the back of the card, but rather have to manually go on to click on “Back preview” with the mouse. This is much slower, especially when creating many cloze cards. Tabbing also doesn’t seem to work well to quickly move the “Back preview” button on focus (it requires back-tabbing 7 times, really not ideal).

Can anything be done about this? Or is there a better way to get the preview of the back of the card?

works fine for me (anki 2.1.29 stable version - windows 10)

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Now you can use ctrl + 1 for front and ctrl + 2 for back.


ah, I see. Thanks!

hi guys. can someone help, i was able to use ctrl, shift,c for cloze deletions but now the shortcut is not working… does anyone know why or how to fix it? thank you!