What happened to the multiple Cloze on one card?


I have just upgraded from 2.1.26 ( I think it was) to 2.1.33, with every new versions of Anki, it seems to me that more and more features has been removed.

Back in 2.1.26, there was a keyshort for making the same cloze, it was ctrl+alt+shft+C, now this shortcut has been removed in 2.1.33, is there a way to get it back?

Works for me.
Does clicking on the [..] editor button while holding the alt key work?

Curious about what features have been removed?

Try disabling add-ons. See https://faqs.ankiweb.net/when-problems-occur.html

Does clicking on the [..] editor button while holding the alt key work?

yes it works.

ctrl+alt+shft+C still does not work after disabling all add-ons

See https://faqs.ankiweb.net/shortcut-not-working.html#a-shortcut-key-is-not-working

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Both 2.1.26 and 2.1.33 are run under the same circumstance, ie ceteris paribus. Same computer, some add ons, same software installed.

ctrl+alt+shft+C works fine one 1.26, upgraded to 1.33, I did not restart the computer or closed any software, went straight into 1.33, within 2 minutes I found ctrl+alt+shft+C not working. The only variable in this situation is the anki software.

If another software is stealing the ctrl+alt+shft+C shortcut, then how come it works in 1.26 but not 1.33?

It could be due to a change in the toolkit Anki uses. Maybe something about key presses handling has changed. I don’t know.
I don’t think this is caused by a direct change in Anki. It seems the last change to the code that handles the cloze shortcut is years ago.
But I recommend checking other software as mentioned in the FAQ link.

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Okay, I restarted my PC and it is working on 1.33