New cards count is decreasing even before I start studying

I had my deck set to 50 new cards daily, and it always worked fine. However, since yesterday, my anki decreased my blue count from 50 to a much lower number out of the blue. This happens on my phone, and when I sync all my devices adhere to this count.

Today, for example, I barely reviewed something and, hours later, this is how I found the new cards count. I tried checking on my settings but everything looks normal.

Please see The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done it, but I’m not finding how to turn this update off or how to get access to more cards per day. I tried changing the limits, setting it to ignore old reviews, literally nothing I do works and I need to go over more cards a day. How can I put it back to normal settings ?

Try increasing the limit of new cards, review, and remember to press “apply to all subdecks”

I did it before, and tried increasing to this number you put and still nothing have changed.

This is still what I get in my decks. Nothing I put is changing anything on my decks .

If you search for ‘deck:Anatomia is:new’ in the browse screen, you’ll see the only new cards in it are suspended.

I would not recommend increasing your new card limit above what you’re willing to study in one day. If new cards fail to appear up to your configured limit, please check they’re not suspended, and that you’re not limited by your review limit.

I’ve just checked and I have nothing suapended, and my limit is 9999.

Before I started reviewing it said I had 60 new cards for anatomy, and as soon as I started going through them, my new cards limit disappeared. I’ve tried all the configurations I’ve seen in this post and in other posts, but I’m still not being allowed not even 30 cards a day among new cards and reviews .

I’m sorry, the cards must have been buried, not suspended. You have ‘bury new siblings’ enabled in the deck options, which will cause the new cards to be buried when you first review their sibling card that day. If you click on the deck in the computer version, you’ll see the bury count in grey in the overview screen.

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