Deck keeps giving new cards even when new cards/day set to 0

I have set a deck to 0 new cards per day (settings attached), however I still keep receiving new cards. How can I fix this? Before when I had it set to 10 new cards per day it was giving me way more than 10 new cards as well. I’m not sure what is wrong. I have updated the app, redownloaded it, and restarted my computer. The deck has many subdecks but once I set it to 0 new cards per day they are all showing 0’s on the new cards column. However, I still keep getting new cards.

That’s really strange. Are you sure that these are new cards, an not interday learning cards or relearning cards? Also (and sorry if this is too obvious), are you sure that these deck options applies to the deck you’re studying? Finally, have you tried deactivating your add-ons?

Yep they are definitely new cards and yes these are the options for the deck I’m studying. There is a blank in the new cards column since I set it to 0 (as expected) but I still get the new cards. Yes, I have deactivated the add-ons as well.

You didn’t include a screenshot showing the counts on the question side of the card. If the blue number is non-zero and underlined, that indicates a new card is being shown. Are you sure you’re not looking at underlined red learning cards instead?

It is showing up as 0 for all decks.

Having 1530 learning cards is kind of weird, it suggests you actually aren’t learning what you study. Could you share a screenshoot of your decks / subdecks structure ? Are you using the same deck options for all your decjks / subdecks? Could you also share your a screenshoot of your deck options (the whole thing, not just the daily limits and new cards sections) and your card counts graph (on stats)?

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Changing the new cards/day limit won’t affect new cards you’ve already studied. If you want to move all the red cards back to being new again, please see Resetting progress in a deck - Frequently Asked Questions