One deck never shows full amount of new cards, it says I only have 1 new card? While all the other decks are normal?

I have my new card amount set to 45 per day. All of my other decks show 45 new cards as usual, but this one deck I’ve been studying for a couple months suddenly only shows 1 new card available. Yesterday, it was only 5 cards. The day before that, it was 20 something. I was hoping the problem would eventually go away.

I put the settings back to default just to be sure, and it still didn’t change. I tried raising the new cards per day to a ridiculous number. I don’t have any buried cards, only 7 suspended cards. I confirmed I have hundreds of new cards waiting in the “browse” section. That deck is it’s own separate deck, not a subdeck. I tried moving the placement of the deck around the other decks and nothing changed. I even tried making it a subdeck and then changed the new card amount on the parent deck, and still nothing. I tried exporting the file and importing it back in.

I’m not sure if this will help but here’s a screenshot of what I’m looking at: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
The deck in question is the 2 row on the left side of the pic, only showing “1” under new.

This is happening both on Desktop and Android as they are synced.

Could you post a screenshot of the browser view of the deck, or even better, export the deck and upload it somewhere so we can test it?

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Did you try searching for is:new? it’s showing only one card for me.

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