Way to Show Total?

When studying, at the bottom of the screen there is displayed a series of numbers (e.g. “10 + 20 + 30”) that refer to the New, Learning, and Review notes left to study. Is it possible, either within the Desktop application or via a plugin, to show also a total? (i.e. in the above example “60”)

My habit is to switch between doing flashcards and other tasks after having done a certain number of flashcards, but having to constantly add three numbers together in my head is something I am not very good at and find very annoying.

Thank you!

I don’t know about a plugin for that, but another solution would be to limit your maximum daily reviews to the amount you usually like to do, and then you can still review some more if you want to, after that.

And you could do the same for the new cards.

The bottom of the deck list will show you how many cards you’ve studied in total that day, as will the statistics screen.

Thanks for your reply. I do complete them all just not in one sitting.

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping for a solution that doesn’t require going out to the deck list or the statistics screen. Typically I do 20 cards then do something else for 2 minutes over the course of several hours with a limit of 1000 total each day. Unfortunately changing screens would be more inconvenient and take longer than adding the three numbers together already does.

Could this:

More Decks Stats and Time Left

or this:

More Overview Stats 2.1

help at all?

Sorry, can’t post links.

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