Stats aren't showing up anymore

Hello, sorry to bother you but I can’t look at the stats of my my main deck, it says it has “no data”, the weird thing is that when I look at the data of my entire collection, it works. Can someone explain me why ? (I have restartzed both Anki and my computer btw)
Thanks for the answer ! :smile:

Maybe you’re viewing the stats of an empty deck?
The stats screen defaults to showing the stats of the current deck, which may not be your “main deck”.
You can change that by modifying the search string “deck:current” and clicking Enter.

Could you provide some screenshots of your stats screen? Maybe that will reveal something.

Also following the steps in When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions could help.

No, it’s not that, I’ve tried hitting deck:current :

And with my whole collection :

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question :smile:

Are you using AnkiDroid?
[Bug] curDeck is saved as a string and not a long · Issue #8092 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

In that case, try to add a card to that deck from Anki Desktop and see if the problem persists. The bug should be fixed on the next stable release of AnkiDroid (it’s already fixed in the current alpha version).


Thanks a lot! :smile: