Statistics Bugs After Update (2.1.5 to 2.1.29)

Hey all, so I recently updated my Anki from version 2.1.5 to 2.1.29 after a couple years of skipping updates and have noticed a few things that seem to have gone out of sync with my statistics viewer.

For one, my “Hourly Breakdown” section seems to have been off-set by ~7 hours (i.e. cards that had originally been completing during 9:00am - 10:00am are now in the 15:00-16:00 column, cards completed during 10:00-11:00 are in the 16:00-17:00 column, etc).

For another, my young and mature cards seem to be a bit out of sync as well. Prior to the update, the deck I’ve been working on wasn’t scheduled to have any mature card reviews for another 10-14 days. After the update, my “Reviews” are showing several mature reviews per day over the past two weeks. Despite this, however, the “Answer Buttons” section is still only showing data for Learning and Young cards, with no input for Mature cards.

Would anyone be able to advise on what might be causing these issues and how to go about addressing them? They’re very minor, but if it’s an easy fix I’d appreciate having the stats more accurately reflect my studying. Thanks!

make sure you have the same deck opened in both of old and new stats. also double check if time span for both of them is the same (manually select the 1 month/3 months/1 year, in both of them. in old stats it selects 1 month by default but in new stats it selects 12 month -i think-)
also, you have probably noticed this already, but it’s worth mentioning that time tags aren’t similar in old and new stats:

(old stats probably doesn’t even show 2 AM to 6 AM for me as i don’t have many reviews in those hours)

based on what are you saying this? i don’t know if i’m missing some stat that shows you how many cards are gonna be mature on a specific day.

if you count all reviews that you have done, you have done probably more than 5000 reviews that aren’t mature (based on the answer buttons chart). and based on the review count chart, you have done probably less than 30 (?) mature reviews. my guess is that 30 compared to 5000 isn’t that much and probably that’s why it shows no mature reviews on the answer buttons chart.

anyways, i checked all stats in my anki (for both collection and single deck in 1 month and 1 year) and everything was fine.

That is the point. New stats shows the counts always oposed to the old stats which had a 30 count treshold.

I didn’t know about the threshold. i just guessed that small number compared to 5000+ is gonna be a thin line and that’s why anki doesn’t show it (or it’s too thin to see there)
but in the review count number it’s a different story because if he did 155 reviews in one day and 5 of them are mature, it’s gonna be noticeable and that’s why it show mature cards in review count chart and not in answer buttons chart.

but you can check if it actually doesn’t show any mature cards on answer buttons chart by hovering over the chart @jhall_88
(I have hovered over the chart and it shows me the exact number of pressed button / if it’s 0 for you then you can say for sure something is wrong with the stats)

Your answer buttons graph doesn’t match because you’re looking at 1 year in the new graph, and 1 month in the old graph.

The hourly breakdown graph seems to match in my timezone, but not yours - I will look into what is causing it. What do you have “next day starts at” set to in the preferences?

Found the problem, a fix will be in the next beta.

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Thanks @dae! My “next day starts at” is set to 4 hours past midnight, so perhaps that caused my Hourly Breakdown to be offset after the update? Hopefully this is an easy fix.

The answer buttons on the new stats still don’t show any mature reviews (0/0 for each of the four options when I hover over them, middle left graph in my picture) when set to any time (1mo, 3mo, or 12mo), despite at the time of posting this my reviews graph (top left graph) said I had completed 10+ mature reviews for each of the past seven days. My “Review Count” on the old stats doesn’t show any mature reviews (dark green bar at the bottom of each daily review count), so I was curious if there was a new algorithm for assigning a card mature status in the update which could be causing this issue?

If you look at the top left and right graphs in my picture, the new stats shows a small dark green bar for the past 15+ days, representing 5-20 mature card reviews per day while the old stats doesn’t show any dark green bars at all, meaning there have been no mature reviews completed to date. As mentioned above, I was wondering if this could be due to a new mature card algorithm between 2.1.5 and 2.1.29 that might have also thrown my “Answer Buttons” section out of sync.

As you and @guillempalausalva mentioned, there should be no threshold when hovering over the answer buttons. Either way, over the past 7 days I’ve completed 103 mature reviews according to my “Reviews” graph in my new stats (top left graph), but still have 0/0 showing on each of the Mature “Answer Buttons” section (middle left graph) even when hovering. From my understanding there are two likely problems: one, the new “Reviews” is showing a dark green mature bar for cards that aren’t actually mature, and this is why the new “Answer Buttons” is showing 0/0 for all mature buttons; or two, there is a new algorithm for mature cards so some of my cards have matured earlier than that would have before I updated to 2.1.29, and something about these mature cards counts them as mature in the “Reviews” section but not in the “Answer Buttons” section. I could be off the mark and there could be something else going on, but again I’m hoping it can be an easy enough fix either way!

Thanks all for your time and input, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

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Looks like you found another bug - the reviews graph was marking some young cards as mature. Thanks for the report; a fix will be in the next build.

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