Stats corrupted after six months :(

Hey there,

I have used Anki desktop for 6 months or so and the other day I moved to another country and when I opened Anki, my (almost perfect, lol) stats had been corrupted. Instead of nearly every day being recorded it had gaps every second day or so over three or four decks. Everything else is working fine, its just a massive bummer because I’m studying really hard to learn a languague and those days where its a bit hard the stats is like a game that keeps me motivated.

The app works fine besides that and I have followed all of the suggestions to check for bugs and updated software. If there is no answer, can anyone suggest a software that doesn’t do this kinda thing?


Reviews don’t have a timezone associated with them, so when you move timezones, the reviews appear as if they were done at a different time of day, or even the previous/next day. If you reviewed late at night one day, and early in the morning the next day for example, the shift in hours may cause one of those review sessions to slip into the other day, making it appear like you didn’t study on one of those days, but keeping the total review count the same. I’m afraid there’s no easy way to fix this at the moment. The one thing you could try is adjusting your ‘next day starts at’ in the preferences a couple of hours forward or backward - depending on the timezone difference and the times you reviewed, that may help, make things worse, or have no effect.

Thank you for the reply! When I get home it should look correct, yay!

Yes, though please note reviews you do in your current timezone may suffer from the same issue when you return.

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