Anki Acting Strange; Error Codes & Incorrect Stats

Hello! I’d like to report a couple issues I’ve been having with Anki lately, screenshots taken below.

As you can see, one error details states something about the message or signature supplied for verification. The other says that the existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host…?

Additionally, I’m not sure why this is happening, but one of my Anki study days has been listed blatantly incorrectly. In two of the screenshots, you can see my review history for the past three months. One looks like normal, the other (taken a couple days later) has one day listed as way less reviews than I actually did that day. I even went to the exact day in my study lineup, and as you can see, I reviewed a little over 50 cards. So why does it think I basically missed a day in that other screenshot?

Feel free to ask if something doesn’t make sense, but between all these odd occurences lately, I’m just sort of worried that something is wrong with my Anki. Thank you for reading, I love this tool!

Anki Error 2
Anki Error
Anki Snap 3

The syncing issues could be temporary problems with your internet provider’s international links. Regarding the graphs, has your timezone/daylight savings changed recently? Did you check the graphs at the same time of day each time?

Ahh, interesting! I’ll have to keep checking and see if the issue eventually goes away, that would make sense.

Regarding the graphs, as a matter of fact, Daylight Savings had occurred very recently. I do remember checking the graphs at a similar time of day, but I wasn’t aware that daylight savings could affect the stats.

This can happen when you do reviews near your ‘next day starts at’ hour. It’s logged on Statistics ignore DST when handling day start causing missed day · Issue #2801 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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