More Overview Stats 2.1 Support Thread

If you have issues, feedback or praise regarding More Overview Stats 2.1 post them here.

@Kazuwuqt Hi, the option to show table for finished decks is not working. I have the value set to true in the config file. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for reporting this. I believe to have fixed the problem and updated the addon, please check if it resolves your issue.

Note: For future bug reports, please make sure to include which version of Anki you’re running.

Yep, it’s fixed now! Thank you so much! I’ll include Anki versions in future bug reports.

Is there anyway to use the addon and keep the:
“Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.
The next learning card will be ready in ⁨⁨14⁩ minutes⁩. There is one remaining learning card due later today.”

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I just updated to 2.1.40, then tried 2.1.39, and I am getting the same problem as gahcosta. I no longer can see if my deck is finished or when/how many learning cards are due next. Anyway to fix this? I have the show table for finished decks marked true. Only downgrading back to 2.1.35 fixes the issue.

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Hello, same issue as the two above me. I’m using 2.1.43.
Thank you for your work anyway.

@Kazuwuqt Are you planning on updating this add-on? If not, would you mind opening a Github repo so we can make a PR?

Hi everyone, I finally found some time to work on this again.
I should’ve fixed this in the new version, so please check if this resolves your issues.

Please note that the new version will only work from Anki 2.1.39 and above.
The old version can still be used up until Anki 2.1.35.

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Hi There! I was just wondering if there is any version of this add on that will work with Anki version 2.1.38? I can’t seem to find anything… could you please confirm?

Thank you!

You can now simply use the version from More Overview Stats 2.1 - AnkiWeb
This should work on Anki version 2.1.38, but still without the congrats dialog.

Hi, there is no fully functioning version for Anki 2.1.36 - 2.1.38, but you can still use the 2.1.35 version with the caveat that the congrats dialog for finished decks won’t work.

I have uploaded that version to Release Anki 2.1.36 - 2.1.38 Branch Version · Kazuwuqt/Anki_More_Overview_Stats · GitHub

Please also read the description on that release page.
It is recommended to update your Anki above version 2.1.38, but I am aware that some people might not be able to do that.
If you use the version from that link and later update your Anki to 2.1.39+, you will have to delete the add-on from your add-on folder and install the regular version from More Overview Stats 2.1 - AnkiWeb

I hope this helps.

@Kazuwuqt Hi i recently downloaded the add on and i Love it but could you tell me what the done on date signifies? and also the difference between learning, learned and mature cards? (im sorry im having a hard time understanding a few terms) thank you in advance!

The done on date shows the day on which there would be no more new cards.

For the second part you need to read the Anki Manual.

thank you so much! yeah ill check out the manual

Hi, I just installed this add on to see the “done in” info. But it indicates the time today or tomorrow. Can you help me with this?

Using Anki on Mac. Dunno if that’s a factor.

I’m not sure what exactly your problem is.

The add-on checks how many new cards are left in the currently selected deck and how many new cards you learn per day according to the deck’s settings.

The “Done in:” part tells you how many days of studying new cards are left.
This is calculated as (new cards / learn per day) and rounded up.
So if the deck has 23 new cards left and the deck’s learn per day setting is set to 10, you’d have 23 / 10 = 2.3, rounded up ⇒ 3 days left.

The “on:” part is then simply the date in 3 days, i.e. today + however many days of learning new cards are left for that deck.

So if it displays the date of today or tomorrow, with your current learn per day deck setting you should finish all new cards either today or tomorrow.

I hope this helped, otherwise, please explain what exactly your problem is.
Please also include your Anki version and a screenshot of what the add-on is displaying.