How to get rid of Congratulations?

Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.

If you wish to study outside of the regular schedule, you can use the ⁨[custom study] feature.

It blocks displaying deck statistics from More Overview Stats

Would be nice to be able to block it so that it doesn’t prevent add-on to display information. After all after I finish review certain deck I am interested how many cards from this deck I have due tomorrow.

Is there a piece of code I could add to the add-on to block congratulations?

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The Stats Plus add-on allows you to display stats in the congratulations screen, maybe that’s interesting for you.

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Thank you for information. It is very nice but I would prefer something more simple and fast like More Overview Stats. It fulfilled all my needs in this regard until Anki recent upgrade. Unfortunately its author doesn’t seem to be active anymore.

Even with your add-on these Congratulations only interfere with relevant information.

In my opinion it was a bad idea to introduce Congratulations. After all they inform in the form of text what is otherwise shown in deck figures.

A Mouse-over would be better ( and remove half of words from it ).


To me this Congratulations formula is more appropriate for documentation than for application.
“Custom study” button below says simply by its presence that there are options and thinking user checks what these options are for.

I don’t understand what added value these Congratulations bring. For me it unnecessarily catches my attention and breaks add-ons. To me such information would be more appropriate as an information displayed on hover over Custom study button as user above suggested.

This is how it looked before:

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The congratulations page has always shown text. Around .36 the code to show that screen was updated, and add-ons that modify that page need to be updated to support it. If an add-on you’re using doesn’t support it, please let the add-on author know.

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I guess that means no.

But consider it logically. How many times a user need to read this long message to learn how Anki works?
Every time, every day? I think a few times is enough, so why clatter the interface…

First I want to know how many new cards are in the deck and only after that I make decision if I want to study them today or not. Not the other way round. This way, when I have different decks and I can decide from which deck I want to add new cards. This doesn’t need to be regular like 10 cards from each deck.

Actually adding to Anki code from this add-on would be more beneficial to users than facing this message every time user finishes deck.

It has already been reported but the author seems to be inactive in Anki field. The add-on was last updated about a year ego.

Maybe some volunteer will be eager to update.

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Sorry if anyone was offended. I was just trying to get people to laugh.

I’m really sorry if anyone was offended. I was just trying to get people to laugh. The world situation is pretty bad and sometimes I realized I haven’t laughed in awhile. But I realize that my post was not the way to go about it. Again, I’m really sorry.

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