Show shorter version of Congratulations! screen with just "Congratulations! Next card is due in X"

Hi Damien, hi everyone!
I know this has been discussed before, but perhaps you could add a toggle to hide this in the options screen? My OCD is getting worse, before I could just read a first few words (usually the bold text) and go back, but nowadays I have to read the whole thing (I can’t help it, I just have to finish reading it before going back do deck screen, it’s insane, I know).
I have been using Anki for more than a decade now and I would hate to stop, so I would really really appreciate if you would consider this.
Thank you.

That feels like a band-aid - it would probably be better to redesign the screen so that information can be more easily read at a glance, with the extended descriptions available in tooltips.

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That would be great! Anything more concise would definitely be much appreciated!

That’s part of the main window rework, which I’ve been working on again :+1: