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Implementing Redesign add-on into Anki's base code


Hi there!

I’m the developer of the Redesign add-on, and after speaking with @AnKingMed we were wondering if you’d be open to incorporating some of the UI changes into Anki’s base code. I know that some of the more recent updates have updated the UI in the browser and deck options screens, so we could make changes consistent with this style. Let me know if you’re interested, otherwise no worries!



The old webview code is difficult to maintain, and will likely need to be largely replaced. I’d prefer any design changes be made as part of that process, as if we spent time tweaking the existing code, that work will likely go to waste.

The newer additions don’t have this issue, so if you believe they can be improved somehow, please feel free to bring it up either here or over on Github.

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Sounds good! I’ll take a look at the newer additions and bring it up on GitHub if it seems possible to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. I’ll start with small edits to the UI of the deckbrowser and reviewer screens.

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@nickdvlpr lemme know what you find and how reasonable this will be. Is it going to break all the add-ons that integrate into the home screen (i.e. review heatmap, etc)? That would be far less than ideal for many people

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Sorry, I was not clear. Modules like deckbrowser and reviewer are old code in need of an update, so now is not a good time to be making changes to them. Recent additions, such as the new editing toolbar, the new deck options screen, and the change notetype screen are more flexible.

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Ok, I’ll hold off for now then until those modules have been updated as those were the areas I made the most changes in my add-on. Thanks for clarifying!