Anki Redesign - implementation into the core code

Hi there!

Last year there was a release of an addon which redesigns Anki’s interface. It is by far the best-looking version I’ve seen. However, it’s only compatible up to Anki 2.1.20.

I’m clueless in programming, but I would like to ask how feasible would it be to implement it into the core code, because it seems it would be rather difficult to keep it up with eventual updates.

Thanks to anyone who takes an interest!


This looks very neat!

AFAIK, most of the Anki community loves clean, minimal designs, so I believe there is a good chance something like this will be considered in the future.

Anki’s source code is currently under rework and the UI is reimplemented with more future-proof web components. The devs are mostly focused on functionality at this stage. My guess is that Damien & contributors will be open for a fancy design overhaul once that heavy lifting is done. In the meantime, you can always give the devs constructive design-feedback on current Alpha threads like this one:


I see! Thank you for your reply! I guess in the meantime I’ll try to see if I can arrange for the addon to be updated.

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