Make this add-on in Anki by default

This add-on is so beautiful.

Sorry for my English. I am not a native speaker.

Beautiful design often comes at the cost of complicating ease of use. Anki’s plain design allows for quick access to its multitude of features.

A lot of users prefer Anki over more aesthetically pleasing options (like Quizlet) for that reason. I once tried the add-on you suggested, but immediately had to switch back because of add-on incompatibilities and glitches (like text overflowing containers when resizing the window). Maybe it’s improved by now, but I fear the changes the add-on brings are too drastic to be implemented in Anki.

Anki will most likely stick to its plain, functional design philosophy. The user interface will get cleaner in the future, though. Here are some recent contributions by @hengiesel:

Here’s a preview of the coming toolbar changes:

Along with the already reworked stats page, these contributions are intended to port Anki’s GUI elements from the aging Qt framework to fresh Svelte web components. This transition will not only lead to a more modern look, but also enable cross-platform components (e.g. a shared Editor between Anki Desktop and AnkiMobile/AnkiDroid).

“While we likely won’t be able to move away from Qt any time soon, there may come a day that we need/want to, and if at that point the bulk of the UI code is implemented in TS/HTML, we’ll have options like switching to Electron or a native webview.”

- Damien Elmes (creator of Anki) on this PR on GitHub.