Please make the Anki UI better. ( You will be earning big bucks.)

I am sure if you make the Anki UI look like Quizlet’s. Everyone will start using Anki and quit Quizlet. And Anki will become 10x more popular.

I am willing to pay for this. I believe a lot of users are also willing to pay for this. You will be earning big bucks by doing this.

Someone did this. You can just copy his code and put it in Anki. Here is the link.


I really like the way Anki actually looks. A simple, but functional UI helps to staying focused on what your studying, instead of being distracted with so many colors and unnecessary elements on the screen.


Yes, whatever the look is or will change, someone will complain. It would be better to somewhat simplify some of the UI so not everything is exposed, though, for beginners.

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Though I love Anki, I have to admit it is the ugliest software on my computer. I’m a really big visual learner so it took me 5 years before I could actually get into Anki and ignore how 2005 it feels.

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We spend most of our time reviewing. If you want to improve the aesthetics, start by applying a theme to your cards.