Please update the Anki website and the app icon

  1. The Anki website looks like it’s made in 2012.

  2. Could you change the app con to something more aesthetic? Something like this.


(I am not a English native speaker.)

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I like the current icon more.
I also like the website; it’s light and functional. Why change it for the sake of change? 2012 was not a bad year by the way :slight_smile:

Of course, everybody has different tastes, and I’m just a user.


Loads fast, too, not a lot of Javascript, iframes, css hierarchies and other non-essential content that is not really needed.


Are we talking about or Either way, it really doesn’t look like 2012 and since people don’t spend much time there anyway, I’d prefer focusing on improving the applications.
However, I agree that the logo has its issues. The one you linked doesn’t look better, though. Also, it’s supposed to look like a flashcard.

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This one looks pretty cool

Also, even though seasoned anki users don’t care about the aspect of the program, i think that better UI / graphics translate in more users and visibility. It’s quite clear to me, as many apps that are less powerful than anki have much cleaner ui and palatable appearance. Just take a look at A lot of potential anki users end up downloading that one instead of the original anki because they think it’s the original one just because it looks better (trust me, i read countless of these experiences in reddit).

I agree with @rumo that most of the developing time should be directed towards improving the app, but a nice UI and appareance restoring would be good too, because more users → more visibility → more developers interested in the project → faster and better developing


I’m one of the few that rather use an app that is supported and works than an unsupported app that look nice. Maybe I’m odd.

Also UI looks come and go, flat look, shadow look, industrial look (remember one of the first QuickTime players with the metal look!). …