Could I change anki design?

Why my anki cards design is so different for items which I found in net?
So I have such design

But in net I found this article and anki there looks loke sooo pretty?
anki in article

But how I could get the same one?
I use anki on my mac, maybe only windows version is nice looking?

Thank you in advance!

that’s Anki 2.0.
if you want to change design, you can use add-ons that do so.
here’s a list of add-ons that change parts of anki:

there might be more add-ons that change anki’s design, these are the ones that i know about.


what about creating a wiki post about IU (re)design add-ons?


Oh, thank you so much!
Your advices are really helpful!!

great idea, I’ll create one right now. I’ll probably finish it later as it’s 12:30 AM here.