Change the font and text size on the main screen

How can I change the font and text size on the main screen?
And is there a chance that in the future the software will have a modern and new interface? (Even for a fee)

Preferences > User interface size

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It might not look like it, but Anki is currently under rapid modernization. Apart from some areas (namely the note editor), most of these developments happen under the hood. Anki is moving away from the Qt framework right now. Eventually, all of the UI will have to be reimplemented/reimagined as web-solutions that replace the Qt parts, meaning lots of opportunities for redesigns will open up.

Altough ~150 people have contributed to Anki, the active core consists of just a few people, of whom all but one work on Anki in their free time. There’s no dedicated design team that focuses on UI/UX alone, so you can imagine that the main focus is on the functionality, not the look and feel of the program.

Once the dust has settled a bit, creating a new theme for Anki should be easier than one might think. It’s just not wise to do it while core features are still in flux. Nobody wants to waste time on a perfectly polished UI that proves unnecessary in the end.

TL;DR: It’s hard to give an estimate when to expect a more modern looking Anki, but I’m positive it will happen eventually.