The Next Generation of Anki | The design of the software

Today, there are many users in the program all over the globe, I thought the time came, which
Anki users would enjoy a more live and attractive interface.
And I’m not talking about a different interface but only the interface design in a way that is pleasant and fun to use.
Today in the “Windows 11” era is no longer a luxury
Anki Univorsai program is an example of an excellent interface program.

Will you want to develop ??

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Anki is already being slowly redesigned and is becoming more attractive. The browser sidebar and the editor are examples. There is a big discussion on this thread you may want to look at: Brainstorming for modern UI [Anki 3.0]

Personally, I don’t like Anki Universal’s design nor Metro design in general and find it ugly in some ways.

Bear in mind that Anki is a cross-platform app that needs to work for Mac and Linux users too, and those users may also have their different ideas about what looks attractive.
But anyway, I don’t understand this need of redesigning everything after every Windows release. For me, most effort should be spent on functionality first, especially with an app with limited resources and small development team.


Windows 11 is by no means a reason to redesign or even a good example of UI or UX design.


I am personally very interested in this and have already done a lot of work to modernize the user experience. I am specifically trying to streamline the process of making flashcards for learning languages. I’ve been building an add-on that allows the user to automatically search and import images from google images with just a few clicks. I think this is a major step forward since visual information is so essential to memorization, especially with languages.

I can’t post a link here but if you search AnkiMaster on google you’ll find my website where I have more information about my project.

Part of what I really value about Anki is that even though the user interface doesn’t look set to win any design awards on the basis of aesthetics, the user experience is amazing. Although it’s a bit steeper than some other software (Quizlet), in the “long” run – i.e. after more than an hour of use – Anki’s keyboard shortcuts and stripped-down interface make for a very smooth experience (at least that’s what I’ve found with a couple thousand flashcards).


Just because Windows 11 released, that doesn’t mean Anki has to redesign, what about MacOS and various linux desktop environments, I think Anki doesn’t need a redesign for every major release of some desktop environment, Windows or otherwise.

abdo mentioned a brainstorming thread that has a point that I disagree wiht “Anki desktop is moving towards a cross-platform solution, so every UI element has to be touch-friendly.”, just because an application is cross-platform, doesn’t mean its UI has to be the same across desktop and mobile, as an example for a bad forced merge, the touch-first approach did for Windows 8 is the example that comes to mind.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I was a bit pissed when I had to spend a lot of time at work trying to find a function that worked the same as before but which Microsoft had decided to relocate to a different place.

Microsoft came out with an Oh-so-cool new interface for Windows 8—which broke the accessibility features so bad that I had to wipe and reinstall after trying to make a laptop usable for my visually-impaired friend.

And using Apple products at home, I am frequently irritated at having to learn new ways to do the same thing just because some artsy-fartsy dude in Cupertino got bored.


So it’s time to understand that technology companies think more about the end user, and less on the key.
and better this way

I’m not sure I understand the end of this sentence. What do you mean by “technology companies think less about the key”?

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If technology companies should decide who to prefer, whether you are the end user or key, they will prefer the end user.

I just don’t understand what you mean by “key”, or (maybe) “key user”…

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me too, what’s mean “key”

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(In my language)

Here is a plugin that does the job wonderfully !!!

Anki-redesign - AnkiWeb

@mizmu :wink:

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Indeed, I’ve been using for some days. It’s a beautiful skin mode and doesn’t change things behind the walls.

Also, @AnKingMed you should take a look on this add-on.