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Anki 2.1.39 deck descriptions gone after finished studying

@dae I would recommend keeping the deck descriptions always present as they contain links to the decks or other things that users may still want to use regardless of whether they have finished the deck or not.

For example, I put links to submit errata for the deck in the deck description so it is always present for users.

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I don’t think this is specific to 2.1.39 however? I remember this being the case on older versions as well.
However I agree with the sentiment.

2.1.38 shows the deck description, 2.1.39 does not

.39 fixed a bug where the congrats screen wasn’t showing when learning cards were due, which is why you may have only just noticed.

The good news is that the next beta will add the description to the congrats screen. The bad news is that a) images will be missing, and b) custom styling and JavaScript will be stripped. a) can potentially be fixed in the future, but I’m afraid for b) some sort of filtering is likely to stay, as we really shouldn’t be allowing arbitrary HTML and script tags in a description field.

Without CSS and JavaScript, you unfortunately won’t be able to achieve the look you have currently :frowning: - though you could approximate gradual disclosure with HTML details tags. Remote links will still work, so one option would be to host more of the description online, and link people to it.

The overview screen remains unchanged for now - it will continue to show descriptions as before, and this will likely remain the case for at least the next few months. But the plan would be to eventually make it match the behaviour of the congratulations screen, so the text is shown consistently.

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Good to know. Will there still be some markdown available similar to what is allowed on ankiweb for add-on pages or what is the plan there? I think the details tag would probably work reasonably well. I would definitely want to be able to use links. Bullets, bold, and underlines would be helpful, but I could certainly make things work without images or other fancy designs.

Thanks for the heads up

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Yes, it’s similar to AnkiWeb - most ot the most common HTML tags like bullets should work. It also supports Markdown, so you can avoid HTML for the most part.

And from your beta comment:

the deck description changes aren’t too terrible. The tag works pretty well. Will it ever be possible to add font colors? Otherwise its very managable

Some limited form of colour support may be possible, but I’d like to see how this pans out from the perspective of both end users and deck authors first.

Awesome. This is a reasonable compromise. I should be able to make this work reasonably well. Thanks for the update