Feedback and a Feature Adjustment Request for 2.1.45+

@dae: I’m loving 2.1.45+. Some awesome changes. One suggestion/request below, but first a few particular points of positive feedback:
–I really like the new deck options screen. Great UI. Great adjustment showing steps as units.
–I like the new “introduced:#” search option.
–Card info via “I” is great.
–Multiple undo’s. Woohoo!!!
–Browsing is smoother. Awesome!
–Fix audio getting stuck when pausing near end (hopeful it will work).

My one suggestion is that I like the changes in v3 handling, but the “Interday Learning” change does not work for our workflow. Could this single change be moved to a toggleable option under “Deck Options”, under “Lapses”? This would allow us (and presumably some others), to use v3.

Would you mind elaborating?

@dae: As always, thanks for the prompt response and active engagement with the user base!

I am working in environments when using Anki with children or students (both home or at school), where Anki is used as part of the structured learning environment. Generally their “green” cards are the cards they have learned well and are now just working on retaining. However, the “red” cards are the cards that they generally are still struggling to learn, whether initial learning struggles or later subsequent struggles.

Anyhow, because it is a structured learning environment, the “red” cards are reviewed with a teacher or parent nearby to help answer questions, explain more, verify accuracy, etc. Whereas the “green” cards are completed on a student’s own time, or more individually, or if a teacher or parent is nearby, it is with a much higher student-to-teacher ratio.

In short, “red cards” are done with a teacher/assistant/parent in support to help improve learning/re-learning, whereas “green cards” do not require the same level of assistance.

I similarly know of a few language learning situations, where adults have done their “red cards” with a private language teacher/tutor observing to again help with “trouble cards.”

Thus, in all situations, having the “red cards” being all the learning/re-learning cards is quite helpful.

Thanks for elaborating, I’ll give it some thought.

@dae Thanks! Much appreciated.

@dae: Thanks for the adjustment. Looking forward to testing v3 scheduler now!

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