Hide today stats from main screen

Link: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/845513255

This add-on was requested in Anki subreddit.

What it does:
gets rid of the stadistics of n cards reviewed in x minutes on at the bottom of the deck tree main screen.

Avoid rushing thru reviews.

This add-on should be incompatible with any add-on that adds information in the deckbrowser’s renderStats.



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Did you mean to add a link to it?

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I forgot, thank you.

I usually do the post here the add-on info so I can upload the add-on. But I do not know the ID yet. Once I do upload the add-on I get the link (basically the ID) and edit the post here. I must say that add-on was already created some time ago and I just updated the description and to try out if it was working with 2.1.28.