AnkiDroid calendar is 1 day behind

Firstly,I would like to thank everyone who’s working to maintain and improve AnkiDroid.

My problem is with the Anki calendar.

Today is June 10, I studied some cards and then opened the statistics tab and chose collection.

Here’s the issue: the calendar is showing the cards that I’ve just reviewed that they were reviewed on June 9 as if it was yesterday and the number is increasing the more cards I review.

I have the automatic time and data option turned on in the settings.

AnkiDroid Version = 2.18.3 (e74513bdd21d521a7939a8b1f781123fb3ee2025)

Backend Version = 0.1.38-anki24.04.1 (24.04.1 ccd9ca1a8309b80bcb50ddc5d99c7ce63440bce9)

Android Version = 14 (SDK 34)

ProductFlavor = play

Manufacturer = samsung

Model = SM-S908E

Hardware = qcom

Webview User Agent = Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 14; SM-S908E Build/UP1A.231005.007; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/125.0.6422.54 Mobile Safari/537.36

ACRA UUID = 90c80667-95b6-402b-b1bd-ee2c0ac6bcbd

FSRS Enabled = true

Crash Reports Enabled = true

The only thing I can think of is settings —> reviewing —> next day starts at which needs to be at around 4 hours past midnight by default.


See “Next day starts at”: