Auto calculate number of new cards by setting a daily study time

After dedicating myself to English vocabulary for four months with Anki, I find that the daily study time increases no matter how many new cards I study each day. At first, I spent an hour a day, now I spend 3 and a half hours a day and it will get more and more. But I can only spend less than two and a half hours a day. So I manually adjust the number of new cards every day to keep my time within the limit.

Is there a way to adjust the number of new cards automatically by setting a daily study time?

I think we can use the “% correct young cards” “% correct mature cards” “% correct learning steps” and “s/card” to estimate the time we will spend, and generate the new cards number.

With scheduler v3 the new cards / day setting is capped by the review count, so, if If you need approximately an hour to review 100 cards, and you have two hours a day to study, just set your review limit to 200 and your new cards / day to any (reasonable) number.


Also keep in mind that you are not forced to review every new card. If you don’t, nothing terrible will happen, Anki well just reschedule them. So you could just review cards for as long as you have the time to do so, and then just stop. The problems arise when you review less cards than Anki wanted you to among the learning cards, frequently. In this situation, the due cards may start accumulating more and more (it is possible to get out, but you still usually want to avoid this situation). This can’t happen with new cards.

The problem is that I have multiple decks to study, some decks have no new cards, but still need to review, and their review time will gradually decrease.
Also, there are multiple decks with new cards to study, for me, the learning time difference between new cards and review cards is huge.
I can’t solve the problem by changing the review count.

Maybe you should consider going over the new material before trying to memorize it with Anki? Anki is very efficient at keeping some material in your memory once its in it, but at the beginning some people may find it more efficient to just start learning it in another way, because Anki doesn’t really give you the “big picture” (which may help learning).

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