Kind of new to Anki and was wondering how people spend so long studying on it?

I get on and open my deck which is set to add 10 new cards per day, I normally finish this within roughly maybe 15 minutes and then I am done for the day. I’m not sure how to go about studying further? I am using it for language study, should I just be getting more decks? if that is the case I must have to download 20+ decks if I want to study for 2 hours plus which just doesn’t seem right. Sorry I am new to this…

Hi! You have a limit of new cards per day (Deck Options - Anki Manual), which you can increase. This will lead to significant more reviews. There is no need to download more decks just to increase the number of new cards/daily reviews.

The Anki manual is worth reading:

won’t increasing the amount of cards per day also increase the amount of cards I have to review on decks I don’t want to have more on?

You can set different options for different decks.

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You can try using the Custom Study button, which is at the bottom of the “Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.” screen. One of its options is to increase today’s new card limit. So you can try out studying more new cards on any given day without permanently changing the limit.

Remember, though, that the new cards you add now will have to be reviewed in the future. Adding too many new cards now might eventually create an unmanageable review workload in the coming days.

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This depends on the person, goals and material, but I don’t think you should spend 2 hours a day on Anki for language learning.

10-15 minutes a days sounds pretty reasonable to me, more can be overwhelming and contribute to perceiving it as a chore. If possible I would suggest spending the majority of your study time reading and listening instead.


Very true, Thank you! I will not alter the deck then.

Another thing to consider is that (imo) it should be a fun process. When I’m learning about something I’m excited about, I can spend 45 minutes and it feels great. If it starts to feel like a chore I’d take a break. Quality and not quantity :wink:

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