Help on how to use Anki correctly

Hi! I seem to know the basics of Anki, but I have read through the manual and cannot solve this problem: I study 20 to 100 cards of some languages, and then the next day I want to study new ones. Even though I put them to review a week or two later or even bury them, it seems that I get the same ones the next day, and so I cannot go to study the new ones. Any help?

Have you changed your Deck Options Deck Options - Anki Manual substantially from the defaults? It would be unusual for a newly introduced card to be given an interval/due date that far away.

Buried cards will always be available to study the next day. Studying - Anki Manual (page talks about automatic burying, but manual burying has the same result).

Even if you have a lot of reviews from yesterday, you should still be able to add more new cards today, as long as your deck limits aren’t preventing it Deck Options - Anki Manual. But you can also control whether you see new or review cards first Deck Options - Anki Manual .

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