Which settings for a senior user?


as an older user of Anki who does not need to learn a certain number of new cards by a certain date, but mainly wants to keep graduated cards in mind, I am looking for a setting that allows learning new cards only when relearning and reviewing fall below a certain number on that day.

That is: not a fixed number of new cards per day but new cards only, if there is “time” left.

Would you please give me some advice?

Best regards

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I’m not aware of an option that ‘shuffles’ all new cards at the end per se in the way that you describe, but what you can do is specify the number of ‘new’ cards to review in the deck’s options as “zero”, so that you only see review cards in your normal mode.

Then, each day, when you’re done with reviews for the day, you can then create a ‘custom study’ session from that deck’s menu, and where it asks you if you want to increase the number of ‘new’ cards for the day you can specify, e.g. 10, to have anki show you 10 cards from the ‘new’ pile. If you’ve finished your ‘reviews’ for the day, anki will just show you 10 new cards in the custom study session and no reviews (since you’ve reached your review limit).

Similarly if for whatever reason you want to see those 10 new cards but you haven’t finished your ‘review’ cards for the day and you still have 30 left, and you’d like to only do those 10 new cards, you can instruct your ‘custom study’ session to change the ‘review’ limit by -30.

Note that ‘custom study’ sessions do not affect subsequent days, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll have to come back and ‘undo’ these customizations. They only increase/decrease your new/review cards for that particular day’s session.


I use this model myself, I have 0 new cards each day in the deck option settings. I just add more cards as a custom study if I finished all the review cards. This avoids in my case to collect more and more cards each day. But it all depends on your study progress plans, of course. I don’t like stress when I learn.


Thank you for this information and your suggestion for a workaround.