What should I do to make random new cards appear when I review again?

I start a new review, it shows the cards from previous review. I want it to show new cards cuz I obviously can rmb the old cards

Reviewing old cards is the essence of SRS: you don’t only learn new content, but also make sure that you won’t forget previously learned material over time.

Having said that, Anki is very flexible and allows you to configure the number of new cards you want to learn daily and the maximum number of reviews you want to do daily:


Another thing you may keep in mind is that you can press “Easy” instead of “Good” on those cards that were really easy to answer, or even delete them (or moving to a “Learned” deck) if you don’t really need to review that particular card anymore.

Finally, if you want to study only new cards, you can use filtered decks (search: “is:new”)

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