Deadline for cards

I know that Anki has its purpose by how many cards and you should be doing per day or how many new cards you should be learning everyday. I’m relatively new on Anki but I’ve searched that you can set the “new card per day” so I did. I changed it from 200 to 300. But other than this, is there any other way to make Anki show all the NEW cards added the PREVIOUS DAY?

It’s not clear to me what your goal is. Is your problem that there are a lot of new cards which have been added previously, but you only want to review those added the previous day? What’s got a deadline to do with that?

My goal is to be able to REVIEW ALL NEW CARDS that were added the day before :slight_smile:

Basically, I want to cram for an exam and I wanna be able to study all the cards in a set :slight_smile: But im not sure how to do that

If you want to cram, you probably want to create a filtered deck. Setting the filter to added:2 -added:1 will only include cards that were added yesterday.


YAY! Thank you!!