Anki no new cards and no cards due today


I’ve been studying with Anki and I’ve set my new cards per day count to 30 which has worked over the past four days. However, today it says that i have no new cards and also no cards due… My interval time is one day (it has been over 24 hours since my last session) and I have over 300 cards in my deck so there’s no way I’ve already studied all of them. If I set my “new cards per day” count to 50 Anki tells me that I now have 17 new cards to study but - correct me if I’m wrong - 50 - 30 is not 17. I’ve also tried changing my reviews per day from 200 to 500 and it still says I have no cards to review for today… If I turn the “study ahead” on it only shows me cards I’ve already studied. I have the same problems with both decks I currently want/need to study, so I would really be thankful for any kind of help. Thanks!

PS: I already startet the Anki desktop 10 times (and AnkiMobile doesn’t seem to work either), tried syncing, reset my settings to default and deleted and imported the files. I have the MacBook Pro with Big Sur (if thats useful information).

You have decks nested in a tree. The limits on the parent decks will limit how many cards can be shown from the child decks, so I recommend you check the options of the parent decks, give them a separate option group, and increase the limit there if you don’t wish the child decks to be limited by the parents.