My Anki web and Anki mobile are not showing me my new cards for a deck that I have not studied yet

So, my Anki on my macbook and my Anki app on my iphone were not synchronized and everytime I clicked 'synchronize" on my app, it would tell me that my two devices are very different that I need to either “download” or “upload”. I always experience the problem where they don’t merge automatically, so I thought maybe this will finally let my two devices sync automatically. So, I uploaded to AnkiWeb on my macbook Anki and then downloaded from anki web on my iPhone, However, I noticed that for one of my decks, it is not showing me my new cards for today and I have not gone over them today yet. The cards are there in the “browse” for that deck. When I click on “options” for the parent deck and the deck I am trying to study, it says “30 new cards/day” and I hit “restore defaults” for both and i saw no chages. When I increased the limit to 36, it showed me 6 new cards for all the other decks under the bigger parent deck.

That seems to imply that cards were already studied in that deck “today”. In the preferences screen, please check “next day starts at” is set to something reasonable like the default "4"am, and if problems persist, see what happens tomorrow.

I was able to see my new cards for that deck today and yesterday! I think what is happening though is that if I study 30 cards from a different child deck, it takes away from the number of the other deck. So I studied another deck under the same parent deck today and once I studied the 30 cards i have it set for, i looked at the “new” cards for the deck I’m concerned about and hadn’t studied yet and it said 0. When I increased the parent limit to 50, it added 20 new cards to all the child decks that I still have new cards for. How can I make them all under one parent deck but be able to learn 30 new cards for each “child” deck?

If you want to click on the parent deck and get cards from each child deck, the parent limit needs to be large enough to cover all the cards in the subdecks that you want to study. If all your decks use the same options group, you’ll need to add a separate group for the parent, and then adjust the limit.