Bug: No new cards available

Hi everyone,

I am using Anki on a an iPad, an iPhone and a Windows computer.
I have a deck “A” based on several subdecks “A::01”, A::02" etc.
I have activated everywhere that 15 new cards a day need to show up. This works on Windows but not on Apple anymore. When I am going to subdeck “A::02” then I can see the new cards. But usually I am going to de deck “A” and can have new cards and cards to review from all subdecks. I even can not see in user definied learning anymore that there are new cards waiting for me. But in the subdeck it works fine. Reviewing the cards works fine, too.
It is not working anymore since around two days. There was a update of the scheduling mechanism in my Apple Apps. Maybe this is related?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

See The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

Because the v3 scheduler uses a different approach to gathering and sorting cards, a v2 and v3 client may show a different number of due cards on a given day, and may show them in a different order. Please bear this in mind if you’re using a client that is still only supports v2.

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I have nearly solved it: I need to activate the checkbox that new cards are not counted in the number of to review cards.
This is fine now.
But what is still not fine is the number of left cards when I am using user defined learning. Here is in the parent deck everything fine in the normal learning view but in the area where I can choose in user defined learning to increase todays new cards or today to review cards is written 0 cards in both cases. Is this related to the situation of the person who has answered me before?

This is a bug in the custom study feature, and should be fixed in the next update.

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