Newly added cards on Windows Client are not scheduled on iOS app

Hey all!

So yesterday I added some new cards manually on a windows PC via the client (Qt5 version) and synced everything.

After syncing the iPhone app, and newly added cards can be found via browse, they are just listed as “New #xyz” and don’t have a due date. They are not scheduled on iOS, but on the windows client.

Even doing custom study while applying “Increase today’s new card limit by”, does not show them.

I reinstalled the iOS app, but problem persists.

Is it possible your daily review limit was reached? With the v3 scheduler, that will prevent new cards from being introduced.

After checking where to set the daily review limit on the app, I can confirm that it is set to 1000 for reviews, and 10 new cards/day. But even setting “New cards ignore review limit” to ON, the new cards just wont show up for review.

Edit: Under the Option “Increase today’s new card limit by” for the custom study, it says Available new cards: 0. That by itself is very strange.

Which deck are you having trouble with? Does AnkiWeb display the cards correctly? If so, if you force a one-way sync in the preferences screen of AnkiMobile and choose download (after first ensuring any changes are in sync), does that help?

I added cards to the sub-deck named “Kanji in Context”. On Anki-Web, I can see one of the newly added cards via searching for “担当” and then pressing the Edit button.

Judging just by the card fields, everything seems to be fine.

When reinstalling the iOS app, a one-way sync was initiated already, so when I did a one-way sync again now, nothing changed.

The problem persists.

Thanks for looking into this.

Thinking about subdecks, and how the display for “Available new cards” differs between Windows client and iOS app when starting a Custom Study

Windows: “Available new cards: 0 (27 in subdecks)”

iOS: “Available new cards: 0”

I started a Custom Study by first entering the subdeck, and there they are!

As far as I remember, custom study for a deck also included subdecks.

The v3 scheduler doesn’t adjust the limits of child decks, because that could result in many more cards being shown to you in some circumstances. It should be showing the same message as the computer version though - I’ll make sure that gets fixed before the next update.

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